Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scribe-12/3-Jake Woolf

Here are the notes I took in class on our discussion...theyre choppy but effective.

Sherry Turkle-“Computer Holding Power”
MUD and MOO-text based online virtual reality
“The medium is the message”
Games convey an idea of rule based, constructed world
We feel out of control, thus we retreat to game world to feel in control
The difference between TV and Games-TV is more passive
Socialization to computers-learn their patterns of behavior
Pinball machine-learn properties of gravity?
Sense of “Close to the edge, but not threatening” makes games appealing
Women Players in videogames---
Gender roles through videogames
Idea of men finding strong females attractive rather than scary
½ of female players WoW are played by men
Lara Croft Game video
“I don’t know about being born, but I just happened”-from the film
Discussed the film…felt too much like looking at a game rather than watching a film
General consensus of confusion in the movie
The film portrayed her in a different way than the actual game does