Thursday, November 26, 2009

Term paper topic

For the topic of my term paper I would like to choose the uprising of the smartphone in our technology-driven generation. It has affected the way we communicate with others, our social relationships, and our sense of space and place within the physical world. Communication with the world around us can now sit in our pocket and be readily available at our fingertips - and we are the guinea pigs of this smartphone phenomena.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Term Paper

I think a good idea for my term paper would be on a term called platform agnosticism: the notion that viewers do not care about the medium in which a message is received. For example: people watch movies on ipods instead of on the big screen or on a television set. Why is this? What effects does it have on commercialization of certain technologies? How can this help evolve technology? What other ways is this idea evident besides just with T.V's, big-screens, and ipods? Is this result of technological advancement good or bad?

Term Paper Topic

I would like to write my paper about how people are completely dependent upon computers and the internet. The computer has completely changed the way the world works and with internet everything a persons needs to know about anything is available always no matter what time of day or for the most place what location a person is located. As the computer was created it was made to make typing papers and doing simple mathematics much easier. Now the computer is an amazing machine. It learns off the person using it.Also, with web pages being created daily it seems like there always a new site being created for people to interact with other people with out actually being social. This is creating a major problem with how people are growing up and learning basic social interactions.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Term Paper Proposal - Mike Lagrosa

I would like for my term paper to focus on the video game industry and how it has evolved rapidly. Both PCs and consoles now offer features that enable users to communicate, thereby changing the way people interact with one another. These features are often considered to be standard in the gaming industry today, but a few years back they were considered to be new-age.

Danielle Reedy term paper

I would like to write my paper on the way we communicate today using new technologies. I would look at social networking sites such as myspace and facebook but I would mostly like to focus on the artistic side of this new way of communicating. For this I would like to look deeper into youtube, mostly focusing on collaboration channels like vlogbrothers, 5awesomegays, 5awesomegirls and 5awesomeguys. I would also look at communicative art projects like post secret, where people can communicate anonymously but artistically.

Class Scribe Jack Martin

Today in the begining of class we discussed our term papers. Next week we need to have an abstract of our paper submitted to the blog. It needs to be one page long and the final paper is due the week after on December 8.

The next thing we did was watch McCluhan's Wake which discussed Marshall McCluhan's life and his 4 Laws of Media. McCluhan's 4 Laws of Media are:

1. What will this thing enhance?
2. What will this tool obsolesce?
3. What will this tool retrieve from the things you lost?
4. How will this tool reverse on you when it is pushed to its outer limit?

After listening to Marshall McCluhan's descriptions of his 4 Laws of Media we went over our own examples. We discussed cell phones, skyscrapers, and cars.

Term Paper Topic- Brian Panebianco

I would like to do my paper on Locative Media Art and how youtube effects it and how it is used in it. Youtube can make a Locative Media project make more sense and make it more interesting.

Term paper topic - Robby Goss

I want to do my term paper on the communications of new technology. I would be discussing the different social networking websites like twitter, myspace and facebook, and also the history of the sites and how they came to be so popular. Also im very intrigued by the way people communicate through video games now a days, with online gaming people, make new friends without actually ever meeting them. It's quite astounding knowing you perform an everyday activity with someone the can be across the nation or across the world.

Term Paper proposal - Jason Sheck

For my term paper, i would like to focus on the internet and primarily viral videos. You used to need thousands of dollars to produce videos and even more money to get them out to the public. Now videos can be made for practically nothing and they can also be distributed all around the world for free with use of the internet.

Term Paper Topic - Face to Facebook

I would like explore the development of the internet's social networking sites, as well as cell phones, to the point of where they are today, and how they have changed how we socially interact. I want to explore how this new wave of communication and self-representation effects the psyche, and see how/if it is really hindering our face-to-face social skills/interactions. One of the most important issues I want to cover is the diminishing of privacy. If you aren't broadcasting to the whole world what you're up to via "status update", people can always call/text you're cell phone to see where you are/what you're doing... and if they still can't find you, don't worry, you're phone is equipped with GPS.

Bernadette Tierney-Term Paper

My idea for my term paper is to explore the idea of YouTube and the masses ability to market themselves globally via YouTube. The accessibility of this idea is whats really interesting, all you need now a days is a cell phone.

Adam Bonanni-Term paper project

For my paper, I'd like to examine online gaming; its history and its impact in the last ten or so years. There are many different genres of games and each allows for a different kind of social interaction with people. I'd like to incorporate theories about EAT and i think this can tie into the cyborg theory since we are using these computer games as extensions of ourselves

Term Paper - Amanda DiStefano

I plan to do my term paper on the Cut Up technique and its influences. Some of the media mentioned in the class presentation I found interesting and some I happen to already be a fan of. I plan to use research and books as well as the actual art that was influenced by these methods for my paper. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Term Paper topic-Jake Woolf

For my term paper I want to explore/re-explore the topic of remixing/sampling/mash-ups...but particularly in music. This is seem so often today especially in the hip hop I want to explore how combining 2 or more songs can create an entirely new experience aurally.

Term Paper Topic - Jack Martin

For my term paper I want to write about how the internet and the rise of the availability of free music downloads has effected the music industry. I want to explore the opinions of those who think of it as a good thing because unknown artists are able to gain popularity by giving away their music, and those who see the artists suffering because they are not making the money that they believe they deserve.

Term Paper Topic - Michael Hearn

With my term paper I would like to examine how the Internet and its freedom of expression, various forms of creative contribution, and multiple social networks, has affected and shaped the way people in modern society communicate, share information and original creations, and form relationships with one another than previously before. I also hope to examine how this has affected, for better or worse, the way people do the same thing in real life.

Chad Cain

I would like to do my paper on the idea of the cyborg. I will explore both the cyborgs roles in movies and tv, as well as piratical applications that we have seen in everyday life.

Term Paper Topic - Grant Reighard

I would like to discover more about the leap in interfaces from text-based DOS machines to the modern 2D Graphical User Interface with several input methods (keyboard, mouse, joystick) to newer input methods such as optical and capacitive sensing.

Term Paper Topic: Zach Rocchino

I'd like to do my paper on the topic of locative media and the way that it has changed new media arts through, specifically, new media games, GPS technology, cell phone technology, etc.

Term paper topic - Ross Sullivan

I’d like to do my term paper on 3-D technology in films. I want to look into its history and why it is only now becoming popular. Also, I want to look into its use and possible impact on the film industry, and, with that its possible impact on humans and our sensory perception.

Term Paper

I'd like to do my term paper on GPS. I'd discuss how its grown and changed from being a strictly military device and service to how its changed how we do things everyday. I'd also like to discuss Geocaching within the overall topic of GPS.

term paper topic-matt regan

For my term paper topic I would like to look into how the growth of internet has changed the way we view videos/movies. How our idea of a film has changed through out time leading up to now. Also I would discuss how advances in the technology we have has helped bring this about.

John Curall-Term Paper Topic

I would like to do my paper on mashups. From audio to video to other forms of multimedia, mashups have become an ever-growing part of our media culture. I would like to explore the origins of the mashup, how it evolved, and how it has become an ever-present part of available media; How it has even become a part of pop culture. I would like to discuss different types of mashups and what they represent. I also plan to discuss the technology that led to proliferation of the mashup, which made it easier for the average person to create these works. The final item I plan to discuss is the significance the mashup has in the world of new media.

Term Paper Topic - Gabriella DiFulvio

I'd like to research social networking sites and their impact on our ability to interact with people online versus person to person contact. I think with the growing popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, online communication has taken on a new set of rules and regulations that were not always present. Understanding how individuals communicate through these sites and how this affects their communication with others in the real world would be an interesting topic to further research. My major points would include a brief history of both Facebook and Twitter, studies that describe online communication vs. person to person interactions, and how younger generations are directly affected by the prevalence of online communication.

Term Paper Topic--Laura Napolitano

I'd like to do my term paper on the mp3 player (like the iPod) and "smart" phones like the iPhone and Blackberry. We now literally have information at the touch of a button 24/7. These devices have altered our lives in ways barely imagined 20 years. They're educational, documentary, artistic, cinematic, and so much more and alter our sensory and kinesthetic experiences in so many ways. The mp3 player and the "smart" cell phone have impacted our culture tremendously and is one step toward evolutionizing our world to a point of 100% connectedness. I believe that because these devices exist, we as consumers will always have some sort of narrative to whatever we are doing. Want to know the history of the street corner you're on? Googgle it on your iPhone. Watch the music video you just saw a billboard for. Can't remember that actress' name? Check IMDb. Can't wait to share your experience at the Dave Matthews Concert? Post your cell phone video on YouTube or Facebook immediately. Because of the "smart" phone, we are creating a narrative of our lives in quick, short blurbs. The mp3 player gives us a constant soundtrack to our life, or a supplement to a lecture, or a language tutor, or a comedy skit, and so on.

Term Paper Topic - Ryan Bercaw

For my term paper, I would like to research the history, growth, and current state of the Internet, and how it has impacted mass media. The Internet has turned all media standards upside down since it's creation and continues to do so. Many old industries have been forever changed, and not in a good way, by the rise of the Internet. Major points will be the rise of online newspapers, world-linking communications, and piracy.

Term Paper Topic - Nick Sulikowski

With the fairly new technology of virtual reality, several doors have been opened in expanding the way we explore spaces, the way we interact with each other, and possibly our perception of the world around us. With it, new and near total control of a totally three dimensional environment is given to people, and the ability to make virtual worlds existing inside computers take on a whole new level of realism, that otherwise would have been impossible on a 2D screen or even a holographic screen.

With this new technology, additionally a whole new medium opens up in which new forms of art work can be created. Imagine, instead of a 2D painting on a canvas of let's say, an abstract piece, with this the colors, shapes, and composition would totally surround the viewer and give an experience unparalleled and unexplored before.

Consider how this might be used in contemporary mainsteam media, as films are transformed into a completely different experience, or video games become so immersive you feel the feel and possibly even the pain of the character.

Finally consider how this level of interaction could social interactions. Could someone, instead of visting someone in person, meet then in a virtual community space online? Imagine if Second Life or an MMO allowed people all across the world to meet in the same virtual room, communicating as if they were really in the same area. Think about how that might affect time spent physically travelling outdoors, or other activity located in the real world.

Term Paper Topic- Caitlin Cherry

YouTube has expanded media narrative in that any person with a camera and Internet access can distribute any story he or she wants, allowing anyone to be an author, and allowing any subject or event to be told as a story. YouTube has removed traditional sensory experiences and created new sensory rituals that users extend into real world interactions.