Monday, November 30, 2009

Abstract for final paper

Silver Ogbogu
Survey for new media
November 30, 2009.
In class, we discussed the evolution of technology and how it enhances our communication. I will explore the reasons for the creation of devices such as the Nintendo Wii. This paper will concentrate mainly on four aspects of how the Nintendo Wii impacts its users, mainly by how it enhances, retrieves, obsolesce, and replaces the devices that preceded it. This paper will explore a brief background on the Nintendo Wii in order to establish a foundation. Moreover, the Nintendo Wii will be examined in terms of how it enhances users’ interaction with video games. Furthermore, the Nintendo Wii will also be compared and contrasted to other video games.
Based on how technology has evolved, this device, Nintendo Wii retrieves a lot from the other devices that preceded it. Also the Wii’s purpose is not only to entertain but to keep its users active. Therefore, this device is packed with entertainment and fun-filled physical activities which will guarantee productivity.
Surely, the Nintendo Wii could be obsolete in many ways. Since it is different from other video games, it serves a unique purpose. If anyone has ever seen the Wii user in action, they will without a doubt know that it has a distinct function compared to other video games. Particularly, the primary purpose for video games are to entertain the user without the user having to exert themselves or use much effort and energy. However, the Nintendo Wii was designed with an additional and uncommon feature found in video game, the motion sensor feature, which forces its users to engage in physically active situations. Furthermore, the Wii replaces several excising items.
Sources possibly to be used for the paper:;jsessionid=56174D96C4E1AEAE776E825F4954EC64?subjects=39&bhcp=1

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