Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Violence & Video Games

It is hard to connect with what the author is stating in this article. Apparently, people see images from in-game play even when they are not playing the game. I am in no way a "gamer", but there have been occasions for me where several hours have been spent playing a video game - be it mario kart, halo, etc. In no way have these games had an influence on me, violent or not, after I finished playing them. This may be for the reason of my gameplay being based around a social gathering, and not being completely subdued into the game with concentration on nothing but. It is also debatable with the comment that the author made comparing violence in video games to violence in movies/on tv. I do not necessarily agree that violence is worse on film/tv. I think the control over the violent acts that a gamer has makes it much more influential to violent acts than being spoon fed similar content through a scripted source.

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