Monday, November 30, 2009

Idea Summary

Anthony Prentice
Paper Topic Idea

My paper will explore the different aspects for the lack of technology infusion in the United States. It will look at the rising of the Iphone, the uprising of newer technology in Japan, and then it will focus on what this media means for the future of technology.
I’m interested in looking into what has made the Iphone such a great phone and the idea behind Iphone, the smart phone technology and where the technology could go from here, given the opportunity, and the infusion of Asian influence
Looking at places like Japan and different parts of Asia, you see an influx of newer technologies being unlocked and available for users. This technology is newer and makes greater use of smart phone capabilities over what we in the United States have yet. I want to pose the question as to why that is , and go over possibilities.
Places that have this upgraded technology have better access and better user equipment. I want to explore what would happen if this technology was released earlier in the United States and how that would of effected users and user interfaces of technology in production.

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