Monday, November 30, 2009

Term Paper Abstract - Nick Sulikowski

I’ve decided to explore virtual reality as a topic. I’ve framed this abstract as a sort of outline of what I intend my paper to talk about.

First I wish to discuss the slow progression towards full immersion, with things such as higher resolution TVs, IMAX, motion sensitive video games, and 3D projection screens.

The next section shall look at how once photorealism is achieved and the uncanny valley overcome, the next step is to take the image and feel as if one is standing within. It’s about the many doors that working in VR open, how it can change entertainment, art, and society the for the better.

Then I’ll look more closely at each medium that is changed, and examine all of the ways that virtual reality can detract from entertainment, art, and particularly social interactions. I see the increase in digital interaction with VR, or even with facebook is similar to moving from a rural area to a city. The flow of information increases as does encounters with people, but real conversation, socializing, and connecting diminishes.

Ultimately I hope not to absolutely demonize computerized interaction, but to point out how it causes changes for both better and worse.

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