Monday, November 30, 2009

Ryan Bercaw - Abstract Paper

Over the years, we hear more and more about the decline of newspapers. This is nearly always linked to the rise of the Internet. The prevalent age groups of newspaper readers gets higher and higher as less young people take interest in them. As the Internet grows, it becomes a greater haven for quick, free information. A common belief for the reason of newspapers dwindling is their inability to cope with and embrace our age of new media. Other entertainment and news mediums such as television and magazines have found ways to make use of the Internet, and while many news papers such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have made large Internet news sources, it’s undeniable that their readership continues to shrink.

Word of the downfall of newspapers started in the early days of television. Ad revenue shrunk, but loyal readers kept the companies going. As readers shift to the more convenient and to the point style of Internet news, newspapers face serious trouble. Not only is the Internet the new best place for advertisers, it’s also easily to track sales and adjust business strategies.
The Internet just seems to continue to improve all aspects of newspapers, while newspapers themselves haven’t offered enough to keep, or bring in new readers.

Of course newspapers are being hit the hardest in America. Improved literacy and cheaper manufacturing and production costs in other countries have created a rise in newspapers there. Many people in America have even gone on record saying that they are sure the newspaper industry is not in trouble, but the shifting of readers and advertisers from newspapers to the Internet makes the future of newspapers look dim.

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