Monday, November 30, 2009

Amanda DiStefano- Abstract Paper

The Cut Ups

- Brief definition/Intro

- Technique

- History in fiction and literature

- Art/Influence in music

- Email cut-ups

- Behavioral cut- ups

- Pop Cultural influence

- Kinesthetic Experience

- Analysis

In the opening paragraphs I will provide a brief history, and in plain terms the definition of what the cut- ups were all about. I will also cite what I plan to discuss in my paper. I will further explain the technique used by the cut-ups and define the style in a relatable manner. Through audio samples, research, and other works of art I will better explain the cut-ups mission. Articles I plan to use are ones about Brian Gysin’s view on the Cut-Ups and Art, Remixability & Modularity by Lev Manovich and The Art of Reproduction by Walter Benjamin. The different group of cut ups that have developed recently and through pop culture will also be discussed along with the relation to a kinesthetic experience. An analysis will close the paper, and hopefully I am able to find an appropriate work of art to do just that.

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