Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Abstract for term paper Danielle Reedy

With the new age of technology communicating is becoming easier every day. We have many social networking sites such as myspace, facebook and twitter. These sites make it possible for many people from very far away to converse almost instantly without using the phone. It is easy for us to keep up to date on our friends; we know where they are, what they are doing, even what they are having for dinner that night. These sites have made it possible to share almost every aspect of our lives on a day to day basis with friends and strangers.
Other then social networking sites there are many other ways to communicate using new technology. I am specifically interested in ways of communicating using media that is artistic. One way that is growing at a rapid pace is collaboration channels on youtube. Collaboration channels are youtube channels that involve two or more members that post videos almost every day in order to keep in touch.
Another artistic form of media communication is website like post secret and learning to love you more that consist of people who post things about themselves anonymously. Although these are not meant to be the kind of communication from one person to another they are meant to communicate a greater message to a larger group of people.


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