Monday, November 30, 2009

Michael Hearn - Term Paper Abstract

The Internet is possibly the most expansive and interesting case of technology changing and shaping the concepts of communication and networking in modern society, since with its freedom of expression, various forms of creative contribution, and multiple social connective outlets, has influenced the way people interact with each other in this day and age. Most especially young adults and teenagers, and generations outside of that target group are involved in the many ways people become a social figure on the Internet.

Obviously since this medium is entirely dependent on users and their input, customization, creativity, and networking with others, these facets of communication are very audience interactive and defined by their desires and needs, not so much a third-party invented format for people to interact within. Much like Kaprow’s Happenings, sometimes these methods of communication aren’t necessarily based on a greater mean outside of the ability to communicate. In some cases, a site can exist just to offer the ability to communicate with someone else. Citing multiple forms of communication and networking available on the Internet, and the chronological buildup of how these websites and services formed and grew, there are a variety of ways to show how interaction with other people has changed, with multiple artistic and kinesthetic implications that previous artistic movements and theories can support and explain.

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